CONTENT That CONVERTS--US Native English, MAGAZINE-Quality Content For HIGHER 'Click Through'- $$$

My name is Prat and I'm a professional, US native English copywriter.

I specialize in writing high quality content for a vast variety of niches.

About Me

I'm a college graduate with extensive writing experience.

I've been doing professional writing for more than just a couple of years. Currently, I'm writing articles, web content, product reviews and a lot more.

I pay great attention to every detail, which is evident in my writing. I work diligently, and provide a quick turn around time on your orders.

No writing project is too big or too small.Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, projects, or to obtain further assistance.

I also offer custom writing solutions to my clients.

Why cheap/inexperienced Content Providers Aren't the BEST option for your projects?

  • The difference between what works and what doesn't is not entirely clear to them.
  • Layout and the flow of the article may not work to your advantage.
  • Grammar may not be up to the mark.
  • Fillers and spun articles can virtually murder your money machine( read your project)
  • May not be able to optimize your articles for SEOing purposes

Overall, since Google is heavily marking down on rehashed content, chances are you'll never be making loads of cash with inept content writing services ever

Do you SAVE with cheap/inexperienced content providers?

With BAD or IMPROPER content you could save a one-time $100, but, at the same time, you'll RISK losing thousands of dollars, which you would have otherwise earned from your online business.

You'll practically not save anything with average content writing services, to be honest.

  • Re-written content cannot improve your site ranking, no matter how good you are at SEO
  • If your content doesn't follow a proper layout, your prospects( readers) will never be interested in your site or your product/services ever
  • Conversion never happens with content that doesn't bind well or flow great
  • An inexperienced writer cannot offer you the best layout for your projects

The saying goes as, 'As you sow so shall you reap

Let's talk you through my services

***Introducing Special Edition, Professional Grade LSI Content Writing Services***

This is the newest addition to my service folio. The service charges for professional grade LSI content are between $3-3.5 per 100 words-- depending upon the niche, topic.

Why LSI Content?

LSI-Rich content incorporates different long tail keywords, along with your targeted main keywords.

LSI content gives your site an edge over your competitors in terms of ranking with major search engines as well as drawing in more traffic to your site.

The Process

I'll be looking at top 10 sites on your niche, manually retrieve the long tail LSI Keywords, research, and then fill your articles with the best combination of them that can rank your site high on top pages of Google or Yahoo.

The Benefits of Using Latent Semantic Indexing content writing services
  • Improved visibility and top Ranking with popular search engines

  • Produces better quality articles that can lead to higher conversions

  • Pulls crazy long-tail traffic to your website because of the variety of LSI keywords I include in your articles. Most search terms typed into Google,Yahoo every day are brand new, so you have a good chance of showing up for a lot of brand new long-tail keyword combinations that your perfect prospects are typing in.

End Result
--Happy Visitors+ Happy Search Engines+ More Traffic=$$$$

Keyword Research
Isn't That EASY

If you think keywords for your project can be copied from your competitors' websites, you can't be FURTHER from the truth.

You can only get more visitors when your site shows up for a lot of other keywords that your competitors aren't ranked for.

Your site needs to be AHEAD of your competitors in terms of
SEO, SERP-- and SEO alone can't see you through unless your choice of keywords and quality of content are TOP NOTCH.

Let's face it, Keyword research needs experience.

You mayn't see wrong keyword research as the probable reason when you start losing traffic from your site/sites, but it can sure be THE REASON.

Order my 'keyword research pack' today, and I'll make sure you get your money's worth-- by delivering the choicest of keywords for your project.

How does that sound?

General Service Folio and Corresponding Charges

$11.5 a copy( 500 words) for articles,
SEO articles. article marketing copies,blog writing, news article writing, PLR copies.

$13.5 a copy( 400-500 words) for product reviews,technical writing, webpage content non LSI, and medical content

$15 a copy(400- 550 words) for killer Press releases and LSI website content

$250 for report writing,eBook( for up to 10K words copies)

$18-21(600 words) for professional grade LSI content writing services.

$51 a pop- Landing Pages,top-notch Sales Letters for
WSO & websites

$25 for keyword research pack( limited to one Project)

$89 a pop-- Premium LSI Landing Pages( recommended for affiliate marketers)

Expected Turn Around

For less than 4000 words, I may need about 2-4 days Turn Around Time. For Professional Grade LSI content, the ETA will be between 2 to 4 days for upto 2000 words order.

I'll be sending out confirmation mails, which will also include the ETA for your project.

Order Info

I need info on the niche, the purpose of the content, keywords, specification( if any) to be able to process your order.

Policy on Correction Jobs

Correction job is only offered in case I miss out on anything that's already mentioned in your original order email/
PM. Correction job comes to you free-of-charge.

Contact Info

Skype -- content.shark
Order Email --
Support Email--

None of you know me from Adams so you may want to ' test the waters' if you like.

Why Me?
  • I'm a full-time writer with more than a couple of years experience in this field of business.
  • I've been working with the best-of-the-best this industry has known till date. I've hammered out more than a million words till this hour-- it is the experience that counts.
  • I'm fussy about quality: you won't need any edits after I deliver your order.
  • My articles will zip past copyscape and never show up for any plagiarism errors ever.
  • I can give you the best turn around on your order, every time you order.
  • With my services, your content will be SEO-ready
  • Your prospects(readers) will never be disappointed with my content ever-- same goes for Google or Yahoo.
  • I'll deliver your order on time, as agreed.

I'm the most affordable, professional, US native English writer in this forum. I'm open for orders 24X7.

When it comes to the success of your online business , nothing matters more than the decisions you make today. It will be your choice, because it is your business.

Here your choices are limited between

getting quality, top notch content, OR saving money on content

making LOADS of money
,OR making next to NO money at all

Buying cheap services that offer next to no return on your investments
, OR buying my services to beat the competition in your chosen niche

Making your clients( if you're a
SEO service provider) come back to you again (and again), OR never at all.

Saving money with bad investments
, OR high return on your investments(ROI)

Which ones would you like?

PS--I'm open for orders 24X7
Please mail/
PM me your order details right away

More Stress on quality content with Google's recent Panda update, less stress on KW stuffing for ranking sites.

Google loves relevant content, anything above 600 words for better ranking.